Our Culture

Culture Change

There are new terms flying around the long-term care industry...culture change...person-centered...resident directed care. What does this mean to you or your loved one?

Culture change is a national movement, a collaboration of federal agencies, national, state and local organizations, private businesses and corporations who exist to serve elders. The underlying philosophy is that the long-term care systems nursing homes have inherited will not be our legacy and our own future. Resident-directed care focuses on the preferences, interests, strengths and choices of the individual. It recognizes that some individuals are unable to tell us with words what their wishes are, but that within their past choices and present behaviors lies the key to what will most honor their current wishes. It also recognizes that the quality of the relationship between resident and caregiver is the most important factor in satisfaction for both residents and staff.

Presbyterian Community Care Center embraces the ideals of the culture change movement and incorporates approaches to provide resident-directed care and caregiver satisfaction. Our Care Center actively collaborates with organizations that are proponents of resident-directed care:

ACUMENTRA: (formerly Oregon Medical Professional Review Organization), which is under contract with Medicare, coordinates organizations and agencies to create a learning community to address resident and staff satisfaction and measure clinical issues. PCCC has been an Acumentra participant since 2005.

LEADING AGE:  A national association of nonprofit providers of aging services, expanding the world of possibility for aging.

LEADING AGE OREGON:  The statewide association of not-for-profit and other mission-directed organizations dedicated to advancing quality aging services in Oregon through advocacy, education and fellowship.

MAKING OREGON VITAL FOR ELDERS (MOVE):  A coalition of long-term care organizations, public agencies, academia, and others whose mission is to promote person-centered care in Oregon. PCCC was one of the original members of MOVE and has been a participant since 2005.

Much more information about the culture change movement can be obtained on the Pioneer Network website at PCCC staff will be happy to answer your questions about our culture change efforts (Contacts).

About Us

Presbyterian Community Care Center, a not-for-profit skilled and intermediate care nursing facility, has provided long-term healthcare to the Treasure Valley since 1957. PCCC offers comprehensive nursing and therapy programs, allowing you to stay near your family and friends during your convalescence or extended illness. We work with you and your physician to make your independence, your choice, and your participation a priority in your care plan.

In response to the needs of our community, PCCC has developed rehabilitative and restorative programs that include physical therapy, speech pathology and occupational therapy. Our nursing staff receives special training in restorative techniques that encourage our residents to return to their fullest potential.

Social Services work closely with our care team to assure that your individual privacy and dignity are protected and that you will have the equipment and services that you will need on your return to home.  Our Activities Department provides a variety of choices from group activities to quiet one-on-one visits in your room, depending on your preference.

You are encouraged to enjoy the visiting areas in our building, the six acres of grounds, and the pleasant enclosed courtyard.


We will be happy to give you a tour and answer your questions. Our concern is that you decide on the best nursing care facility for your own needs.

Additional Information about PCCC

  • Residents of all faiths and cultures are welcome at Presbyterian Community Care Center
  • PCCC is Medicare and Medicaid certified, and accepts Veteran’s Administration contracts
  • For those who choose, non-denominational church and Bible studies are offered weekly in our chapel
  • A safe is provided in the Business Office. In addition, you may maintain your private funds there if you wish
  • Located on site is a full-service beauty salon and barber shop
  • You may arrange for cable television and private telephone service
  • PCCC offers in-house laundry and clothing repair services, included in your room rate
  • Mail is delivered to your room Monday through Friday
  • Shopping services are provided by the Activities Department
  • You are encouraged to personalize your room with furnishings, pictures, collections and plants
  • Visitors are WELCOME, and may join your for meals by making arrangements with the Business Office

We are happy to visit with you about additional questions or concerns or to give you a tour of our facility